Love Your Labia

A body-positive blog for women who may be seeking a little reassurance that their labia are normal!

Spreading the news that large lips are just as normal as large noses, or hands, or eyes, or bums, or boobs, or feet - you get the idea - It's normal!

The letters displayed show what a huge difference we've already made to helping those with larger lips realise that it's totally normal - despite what society/media/unrealistic pornography/narrow-minded people would have us believe. Tell us your thoughts, ask a question, submit a photo and be part of showing others with large lips that it's nothing worth losing any sleep over at all.

The intention of this tumblr is to educate, inform and reassure; not as a source of pornography or an attempt to arouse. It is NOT a dating site/a lonely hearts column/an appropriate place to tell us your wildest fantasies. Supportive or constructive responses and contributions only, please.

18+ only, NSFW, Please certify 18+ with submissions or we will WILL DELETE & NOT post the item.

Here are my lovelies :).   I am 24 years old.  My first boyfriend asked me “What is that?” with a concerned look on his face, and said he’d pay to have them surgically removed.  However, he also thought women urinated from our vaginas!  Now that I’ve been with other less ignorant and more mature men, I know that they are lovely and natural, but it is still difficult to overcome those first insulting remarks and to learn that some women’s inner lips are smaller.  Thank you so much for making a page like this.

With your wonderful contribution you help to showcase the supreme ignorance and tactlessness of many men (and women it should be said also) 

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